We build a WEB3 ecosystem that would outlive the meme craze

Soyjak Chain brings together the best of meme with the utility of a Layer 1 EVM compatible blockchain for Ethereuam scalability

Faster transactions

Near zero gas fee



100% Community Owned

Verify the Smart contract address

Name: Soyjak Chain Token
Symbol: SOY

Phase 1

Fair Launch: Meme token
Ethereum/ Arbitrum/Polygon bridges

phase 2

NFT: 10,000 original Soyjak derivative collection
SoyLauncher: Launchpad for Web3 projects

phase 3

Soyjak Chain: EVM Compatible Layer 1 Blockchain with Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism

What is Soyjak Chain?

Layer 1 Blockchain

Soyjak Chain is a layer 1 EVM compatible blockchain for Ethereum scalability with faster transactions (2000tps) at near zero gas fee.
Block validation is governed by Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism that offers more democratic, efficient and scalable process than the Pos consensus mechanism

Memefied Web3 ecosystem

Soyjak Chain brings together the best of meme with a WEB 3 ecosystem that is built around the Soyjak Blockchain. Soyjak ecosystem supports dAPPs, NFTs, DEFI, AMMs and DEXs and Bridges. Soyjak Chain Token (SOY) is the native token and is used to pay for gas. SOY token holders delegate their tokens to vote for block validation in exchange for higher block rewards

Projects in Pipeline

L1 Blockchain
Launchpad for WEB3 Projects
Airdrop for early adopters
10K world class Soyjak NFT launched on Soyjak Mainnet
Multichain automated Market MAKER



Built from Bottom-up- 100%community owned

Most blockchains are VC owned, the community is there to dumped on VC tokens. Soyjak builds from the bottom up. 80% of all tokens are allocated for the fairlaunch. 5% for bridges, CEX and Wormholes and deposited in a wallet (soyjak-cex-wallet.bnb ) that can be tracked easily on BSC Scan. 15% is allocated for Soyjak ecosystem and locked for 200 days in Pinklock. It will be released at the development phase 3 .


Contract Renounced at the Launch. Liquidity locked for 400 days.

Fair launch


Private Sale


Unlocked tokens


Built from bottom up




locked for 200 days, and to be unlocked at Development Phase 3 (EVM) of the road map


Maximum buy limit at fair launch

Contract Renounced

400 Days

Liquidity locked in picklock

Know your meme


Wojak also known as Feels Guy is a Microsoft Paint™ drawing that portrays a bald man with a sad or neutral expression, the original Soyjak face was based on Wojack. The original Wojak lacks facial hair unlike Soyjak.


Soyjak is widely considered to be the best wojak variant [1] and even as the true successor to the original wojak meme. The original soyjak was a classic wojak with added glasses, a scruffy beard, raised eyebrows, and a gaping mouth.


Pepe the Frog is an anthropomorphic frog haracter from the comic series Boy’s Club by Matt Furie, popularized by 4chans


1000,000,000,000 SOY

Total Supply

No Data Found


10k collection of original Soyjak derivative NFT

  • 2,000 NFTs – free mint for SoyJak fair launch and early contributors
  • 5,000 NFTs for Mint by paying mint fee in SOY token (Not ETH, Not BNB, Your pay in SOY token). We will lock SOY proceeds of the Sale for 200 days in the Pinklock and after the unlock , use the funds for the development of the Mainnet.
  • 2,000 NFT for Soyjok holders as staking rewards
  • 50 NFT random airdrop through a chainlink lottery
  • 500 NFTs for auction
  • 200 NFTs for artists, marketing
  • 250 NFTs locked for future development

Although the concept of soyjakkery is requently dismissed as strawmen arguments by the normalfag masses and criticized by the trannies, ‘jakking and it’s culture has been acknowledged by some chads and other spectators as a form of subversive commentary on modern human nature, as well as expressionist and sometimes (as the CIA will term it) surrealist art – in particular regard to its following and wide variety of images and their literary contexts produced as result.- Pun intended! Wiki


Phase 1 - ( 3 Months from the launch)

  • Fair Launch
  • Ethereum, Arbitrum and Polygon bridges
  • Uniswap Liquidity  and liquidity lockup
  • Cex Listing
  • Marketing , Billboards, Partnerships

Target : 50,000 holders(Tentative)

Phase 2 – 1 year

  • NFT and ecosystem development
  • 10,000 original Soyjok derivative collection
  • Partnerships
  • Ecosystem development
  • Marketing
  • More CEX listing
  • More Bridges

Target: 100,000 holders

Phase 3- Second Year

  • EVM compatible blockchain
  • Ecosystem development
  • Marketing
  • More CEX listing
  • More Bridges
  • Partnerships

Target : 1 million holders

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